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Inflatable Rubber Dams are constructed of high-quality, durable rubber materials. They are installed across waterways to control and regulate the flow of water. The inflatable flood barrier can be inflated and deflated as needed to control water levels, making it a highly adaptable solution for different water management scenarios. Rubber flood barrier can be divided into inflatable rubber dam and water filling rubber dam according to the filling and drainage methods. 

Nga Laik Rubber Dam

64m long, 1.5m high, air-inflated rubber dam

For slope-type rubber dams, the rubber bladder matches the river cross-section and can be anchored to the sidewall.

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Wetkamu Rubber Dam

20m long, 2.3m high, water-filling rubber dam

For pillow-type rubber dams, the rubber airbag is not fixed on the sidewall but is secured onto it through the dam head.

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