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Rubber Dam

Rubber dam is a new type of hydraulic structure compared with steel sluice gate, and made of high-strength fabric adhering with rubber, which forms a rubber bag anchoring on basement floor of dam. Filling water or air into the dam bag, rubber dam is used for water retention.

Overview of River Course Rubber Dam

River Course Rubber Dam can be divided into inflatable rubber dam and water filling rubber dam according to the filling and drainage methods. The filling and discharging time of the water filling rubber dam is longer than that of the inflatable rubber dam. In terms of cost, the two dam types are similar. 

The rubber dam empty water or air from the dam bag, it is used for flood release. The best quality river course rubber dam has gained high reputation for many advantages compared to conventional weirs, such as low cost, simple hydraulic structure, short construction time, perfect seismic performance and effect of stopping leading, and low resistance to water flow in flood season. Moreover, custom design and service are provided by BIC, welcome to contact us for detailed information!

River Course Rubber Dam


Rubber Dams have wide prospect in the world since they can be used especially for agriculture irrigation, pisciculture, hydropower generation for power station, flood control and water impound, city landscape environmental improvement and recreation purpose. Rubber Dams are not known to have other than beneficial impact on environment and ecology.

River Course Rubber Dam


1. Saves huge amount of steel, cement, timber and other construction materials. This brings the economy.

2. The dam body can be fully deflated to lower it to flat level on base floor so that flood flow passes without any obstruction.

3. Rubber dams can have spans as long as 100 meters without dividing piers. This provides full width of active cross-section of the river channel to release flood flow.

4. Suitable for the reconstruction directly on the original old bases.

5. The rubber dam provides wonderful landscape for tourist attraction.

6. Durable and longer service lifespan for 30-50 years.

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