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Bhara Shanka Flap Gate Pilot Project

L*H: 42*4 (m)

Applications: Irrigation, Flood Control, Tide-retaining

Location: Bhara, Bangladesh

Economic benefits: Bhora is the first pilot hydraulic elevator dam constructed by Beijing IWHR Corporation (BIC). The Bhora hydraulic elevator dam is one of the important projects of the local reginal irrigation system. The additional irrigation management measures and water management increase the irrigated area by about 3,000 hectares, improve the seasonally barren arable land in the region, and increase the annual grain yield by about 13,500 tons, thus increasing farmers' income. After the completion of the project, it greatly improve the local socio-economic conditions and play an important role in poverty alleviation in Chattogram District.

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Nga Laik Rubber Dam

64m long, 1.5m high, air-inflated rubber dam

For slope-type rubber dams, the rubber bladder matches the river cross-section and can be anchored to the sidewall.

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Wetkamu Rubber Dam

20m long, 2.3m high, water-filling rubber dam

For pillow-type rubber dams, the rubber airbag is not fixed on the sidewall but is secured onto it through the dam head.

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