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Self-circulating Toilet

Many flush toilet cannot be discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network. It can only be cleaned and transported by sewage trucks and transport to the urban fecal treatment center for harmless treatment.

Project Background

According to the calculations, in the mixture of the sewage and excrement, the free water content of the above-mentioned sewage trucks for cleaning and transportation is as high as 95%. If this part of sewage is treated in situ harmless and up to standard, it will be recycled for flushing. In that way, the sewage discharge amount from public toilets to urban fecal treatment center can be reduced more than 95% and the following social and economic benefits are obvious.

Reduce the frequency of fecal sewage trucks in public places and improve the image of the city.

Reduce the frequency of manure transportation and reduce the probability of pollution.

Reduce the total amount of manure and reduce the spread of disease.

Through manure reduction, the operation load of urban fecal treatment center is reduced, and the contradiction between the rapid development of urban and rural areas and the tension of manure treatment facilities is alleviated.

Through reduce the amount of manure treatment, the total operating cost of public toilets is reduced.

Avoid the shortage of the number of toilets due to the lack of water supply and drainage facilities, or the shortage of resources such as the transportation and treatment of feces.

Save clean tap water.

Brief Technology Introduction

Self-circulating water flushing clean toilets can work continuously all year round without external water supply and drainage. The cleaning cycle of the septic tank is similar to that of a general septic tank.

Using mature, concise, and maintenance-free reclaimed water treatment technology, the supernatant of the septic tank is treated on-site to flushing water quality standards, and then constant pressure water supply equipment is used to supply the flushing pipe network for cyclic flushing. The water can be used for surrounding communities and street screening.

All the equipment of the above processing system and preparation system are highly integrated in the toilet integrated circulating water preparation equipment in the same place. The equipment is divided into three types: outdoor type, indoor type, and buried type.

The overall operation of the equipment adopts intelligent automatic operation mode. At the same time, it is equipped with IOT cloud remote detection, control system, which can realize remote, mobile, and multi-point sharing services for professionals through the remote monitoring function of the Internet of Things.

The processing and preparation process is shown in the figure below:

Self-circulating Toilet

The sewage self-circulation treatment adopts a variety of advanced technologies to ensure the treated toilet flushing sewage is odorless, no suspended matter, no harmful bacteria, and no discomfort. The indicators such as ammonia introgen and biochemical oxygen demand all meet or exceed the relevant national standards.

Sewage, stains, stagnant water on the floor of public toilets, as well as the peculiar smell they bring, and the timeliness of their cleaning, have always been a difficulty in public toilet hygiene. This projects uses a hollow floor with automatic or self-washing, and supporting deodorizing and drainage devices, which completely solves this problem and turns public toilets into cleam toilets.

Technology Advantages

The toilet integrated circulating water preparation equipment has the following technical advantages.

Grilles with backwash function makes the cleaning cycle longer than one year.

Batch-type sewage treatment process design realizes the full-flow load operation of the sewage pump, and avoids the hidden troubles of the pump, such as idling and heating caused by the small flow, and the pipeline blockage problem caused by the small diameter of the sewage pipe and the low flow rate.

The use of advanced treatment biotechnology such as immobilized microorganisms makes the sewage treatment have good biochemical effects, stable reactions, and good effluent quality.

Using low-load high efficiency sedimentation technology, the mud-water separation effect is good, and the device is maintenance-free.

Adopt ozone oxidation decolorization technology to make the effluent clear

Adopt ozone deodorization technology, the equipment is fully enclosed, maintenance-free, and unmanned automatic operation. There is no spilled odor. Even if you stand next to the equipment, you will not fell any odor at all.

Using mute technology, the noise next to the equipment is as low as 40 decibels, which is fully in line with sleep noise requirements.

The interior of the outdoor equipment also has its own temperature adjustment and temperature automatic control system to prevent the high temperature in summer and freezing in winter from damage to the equipment.

In the entire equipment, there is no non-standard special equipment such as membranes, fillers, aeration heads, sedimentation tanks, filter tanks and floating balls that are commonly used in the sewage treatment industry. This eliminates the possibility that you will be restricted by so-called " professionals" in the later maintenance of the equipment.

The electric control design of safety waterproof, anti-electric shock, and misoperation prevents all potential safety hazards and human misoperation.

The advanced functions of remote mobile phone and computer monitoring on the Internet of Things cloud, while saving manpower to the greatest content, it realizes the scene where the world's professional technical services are always by your side. All operation problem can be resolved professionally, effectively and quickly in the first time.

Industry-leading, visually intuitive, and superb 3D design capabilities can complete tailor-made designs for your needs at any time. 

A Beijing factory with standardized production management, a stable production site with complete procedures, and qualified experienced, and long-term cooperated technical workers. Which effectively avoid the defective products and the possibility of delays in delivery.

Self-circulating Toilet

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