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Containerized Water Treatment Plant

The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is one of the latest innovations developed by the Beijing IWHR Corporation(BIC). This product is divided into two series for sewage treatment and the water purification purpose. The plant size varies to accommodate differences in water processing volume and container size.

What is containerized water treatment plant?

Containerized water treatment plant and seawater desalination plants are designed to provide effective solutions for construction sites or long-term water treatment requirements. As a professional containerized water treatment plant supplier, BIC combines complete systems with leading seawage treatment and water purification technologies, installs the high performance mobile systems inside 20 or 40 ft compact containers, which is suitable for transportation. Perfect for outside mobile water treatment as a temporary or permanent solution with adequate protection against varous weather conditions. For detailed water treatment design and solution, welcome to contact us!

Containerized Water Treatment Plant



Water quantity m3/h0.5125101520
Rated recovery rate%50~6550~6550~6560~7560~7560~7560~75
Overall dimensions(mm)length1500150015006058605860586058
Container Model/20 feet to move
Installed power(KW)368.513.5223036

Containerized Sewage Treatment Plant



ET- 10C(G)ET- 20C(G)ET-30C(G)ET- 40C(G)ET- 50C(G)ET- 60C(G)ET-75C(G)ET-100C(G)
Water quantity 3/d10203040506075100
Rated removal rate%98~9998~9998~9998~9998~9998~9998~9998~99
Overall dimensions(mm)length605860586058605812192121921219212192
Container Model20 feet to move40feet to move
Installed power(KW)6.867.88



Water Quantity m3/d150200250300400
Rated removal rate%98~9998~9998~9998~9998~99
Overall dimensions(mm)lengthCombined
Container Model20 feet and 40 feet teu
Installed power(KW)14.02516.725

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

Containerized Water Purification Plant

It is mainly used for industrial, mining, and domestic drinking purpose when raw water is sourced from rivers, lakes, ponds and surface water.

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

It is suitable for all kinds of sewage and industrial wastewater in offices, markets, hotels, schools, factories, municipalities, temporary municipal industrial wastewater treatment, port wastewater treatment, temporary construction sites, pharmaceutical industry, ect.

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

Container Water Treatment Process

Using braided belt type biological packing to lift removal rate in sewage treatment; Imported polyvinylidene fluoride membrane material, material has better strength as well as the stability.

BIC containerized water treatment plant assimilates the system integration of sewage treatment plant and steel structure processing equipment, which owning itself advantages and characteristics:

Relying on the container housing appearance, can meet the sea Shipment requirements, the transportation is extremely convenient;

Easy installation, users only need to pass in and out water pipes could be directly connected with the equipment normal operation;

The operation is simple, the equipment according to edit well in advance conditions, the control of automatic operation, can also according tothe needs of the users, manual control;

Flexible operation, the equipment could adapt to the changing capacity of water ;

Less investment, low operation cost, small footprint; Using the design principles of intensive, the system Configuration is more reasonable;

System maintenance is very convenient and only personnel on a regular basis Patrol, mechanical and electrical equipment preventive maintenance;

Process control system is very simple, reduced running the labor intensity of operation, sewage treatment system is safe and reliable.

Advanced technology installed in our mobile water treatment plant, strictly tested and manufactured according to environmental and quality policy.

One-stop service for setup and commission of water treatment system, which saves clients' labor,time and money.

Designed for small and large scale of wastewater treatment and water purification, including industry or remote communities without municipal sewage system.

Please feel free to contact us for any question or technical support!

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

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