Thai Customers Visit BIC to Strength the Cooperation

Mar. 22, 2023

On March 2, the registered customers from Thailand came to BIC for a visit and BIC gave a high regard to this visit. It has already passed for three year since the last China tour in 2019. After the epidemic, we finally met again in Beijing. The visiting personnel from Thailand includes Mr. Mongkol, Ms. Sompassorn, Mr. Todsaphon, Mr. Kovit, and Mr. Tanarat. The visiting purpose is to carry out business meetings, contract discussion, factory visit and project site investigation of Hydraulic Elevator Dam projects in the year of 2023. 

group photo


On March 3, the offline meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor, the participants include Thai customers and all BIC staff. The first item on the agenda of meeting is to introduce digital twin platform of HED, Miss.Sun from design department gave a quite detailed and comprehensive speech to customers from three aspects include background, introduction, and project cases. After presentation, Mr. Mongkol and Mr. Todsaphon pointed out several questioning points in terms of network patency of rural areas, safety of network platform, sensor sensitivity of abnormal data, and system compatibility in local aiming at the digital twin platform of HED and we also answered these questioning points. Mr. Mongkol is interested in the Digital twin platform of HED and also he welcome BIC to make a presentation and popularize the related knowledge of digital twin platform to Thailand government in the future. The second item on the agenda of meeting is to discuss the specified clauses that need to be further modified within the contract. Finally, two sides signed two contract of hydraulic elevator dam in the presence of everyone.  


Thai Customers Visit BIC to Strength the Cooperation

Finally, the meeting was successfully completed!

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