The Owner from Thailand Visits Beijing IWHR Corporation Production

Mar. 30, 2023

On March 3, Ms. Gou (International department) led customers from Thailand to visit Beijing IWHR Corporation Production Base. The visitors include Mr. Mongkol, Ms. Sompassorn, Mr. Todsaphon, Mr. Kovit, and Mr. Jumlong.

Firstly, Ms. Gou gave a brief introduction of the basic information of production base, including the workshop area, the welding and manufacturing capacity of structural parts, the related experience in the manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, etc. 


visit pictures 1

Later, the engineer Wang (Design department) showed everyone around production base following the manufacturing process of Hydraulic elevator dam. The whole manufacturing process mainly divided into four steps, including cutting, welding, sandblasting, and anti-corrosion treatment. Engineer Wang firstly showed owners to visit the cutting process of Hydraulic elevator dam, workers usually use saw machine to cut stainless steel tube and use digital control plasma cutting machine to cut steel plates with different shapes and thicknesses respectively. Then, we visited the welding shop, welding shop is mainly responsible for weld HED and attached embedded parts, including door body, ribbed parts, connecting plates and other parts. Following, customers watched the whole sandblasting process of Chongqing HED project, engineer Wang explains the purpose of sandblasting is to increase the surface roughness and improve the adhesion of paint. Finally, Thai delegation was on a visit to anti-corrosion process of HED- Hot galvanizing and spray paint. The sealing layer of hot galvanizing method needs primer, intermediate coat, and top coat; the spray paint only need primer, intermediate, and top coat.

visit pictures 2


After visiting, Thai owner Nok was so surprised and gave a highly affirmed to the production capacity of the factory. Besides, they really appreciate the patient and careful introduction of BIC.


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