Comparison of Operation Parameters of Hydraulic Elevator Dam and Steel dam gate

Sep. 07, 2023

Dam type/ performance

Hydraulic elevator dam

Steel dam gate

Landscape effect

It is basically unrestricted in terms of river width and height.

No middle pier structure and large landscape water surface.

Steel dam gates are suitable for low water heads or narrow river channels, and single span steel dam gates are more suitable.

The wide relay gate pier has obvious water resistance.



Emergency unpowered dam dropping

In the absence of electricity and any power source, it is possible to achieve manual and direct dam lowering without power. The manual system allows for single or multiple dams to simultaneously lower the dam for flood discharge, and its lowering speed can be freely controlled to ensure absolute high reliability and safety.

The power device is a hydraulic hoist, with a double acting oil cylinder. The lifting dam requires the activation of the oil pump system, so there must be power supply.



Drifting and sand discharging effect

There is no need to install a trash rack upstream. When there are floating objects and sediment in the upstream, the single fan dam surface can be adjusted slightly, and the floating and sediment can pass smoothly. The sand and drift removal effect is very good.

The steel dam gate needs to be opened and closed as a whole to discharge drift, and the gate operation management regulations strictly prohibit one-time lying flat to prevent excessive instantaneous flow and damage to downstream energy dissipation and erosion prevention facilities.

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Impact resistance

The driving mechanism bears the weight of the dam surface and water, and has strong impact resistance.

The gate structure is a combination of welded steel structures such as panels, T-shaped main longitudinal beams, and shaped steel secondary beams. The gate leaves are connected to the bottom shaft with bolts, which have weak resistance to sudden large impact forces. Once damage occurs, the overall dam surface will be discontinued and cannot be repaired.



Anti-freezing effect

The hydraulic system is free to expand and contract, effectively reducing the impact of the pressure caused by winter ice, and the anti-freezing effect is good.

The integral structure cannot overcome the ice pressure of ice rise, which can easily cause deformation of the dam surface and poor frost resistance.



Whether can stop water at ant height or not

Plunger hydraulic cylinder for any water-stopping height

It can achieve it



Lifting and dropping dam speed

The lifting and lowering of a single dam surface can be completed within 30 seconds, with an astonishing speed of lifting and lowering movement


The lifting and dropping time of a single span dam body is greater than 5 minutes, and the time is proportional to the length and the width of the dam body.

Whether single fan can be opened, and multiple fans can be regulated simultaneously or not

It can be opened with a single fan to achieve small water discharge, or all dam surfaces can be adjusted together to raise or lower the water storage height. It is a simple and flexible way to operate at will.

Integrated structure, can only be controlled simultaneously as a whole.



Ease of operation and automation upgrade

The oil pipeline layout is simple, the operation is simple, and the entire water system network platform can be achieved to achieve remote monitoring and control of multiple and remote locations. A remote server can be established to achieve remote automatic alarm function.

There is high torque, unreasonable force, easy fracture, heavy shaft diameter, high installation accuracy requirements, and sensitivity to settlement issues. It is easier to equip with a remote monitoring system.



Maintenance and management

Assembled structure, components can be repaired or replaced with water.

The oil pipeline adopts a patents structure and does not require replacement.

The hydraulic station is located in the ground management room, making management convenient.  

Hydraulic components have long stroke, complex functions, and high control accuracy requirements, requiring high quality management personnel.

Underground and underwater control room, which is difficult to manage.



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