The Technical Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam(Ⅱ)

Apr. 23, 2024

Simple civil construction, simple and convenient operation, and various control forms.

Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam

The construction is simple, and the construction period is short. Compared with the traditional sluice, it reduces the gate pier or bent frame, embedded parts and gate opening and closing equipment, and saves the construction cost.


The control system is flexible and diverse. It can be opened by a single fan to realize small water discharge, or all the gate surfaces can be adjusted together to raise or lower the water storage height.


According to different needs, it can be equipped with manual operation, electric control operation, computer remote monitoring and other control systems; it can also use angle sensors and other monitoring devices, equipped with an electro-hydraulic servo system to achieve automatic lifting operations.


It can realize the whole water system network platform, realize remote monitoring and multi-site, remote monitoring and control, and can establish a remote server to realize the remote automatic alarm function.


The management room is tidy and clean, with a small area. It only can be controlled by PLC control cabinet or a computer, and the automatic operation is simple.

Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam

Management room and control cabinet actual engineering application

It can be applied to cold and frozen areas to solve the problem of anti-freezing and resist local ice pressure.

Since the hydraulic elevator dam adopts an open and low step bottom plate structure, the hydraulic cylinder and door leaf are not affected by freezing. It also has overpressure relief technology, which can automatically lower the brakes even in the cold and freezing period. To put it simply, when the ice pressure on the door leaf exceeds the specified pressure of the door leaf, the hydraulic program will automatically release the pressure (this reduction of the gate is not a collapse of the gate) to relieve the pressure of ice expansion and avoid the damage of the structure of the door leaf by the ice pressure. And can realize normal and safe operation in winter.

Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam 

The safe operation of hydraulic elevator dam in winter


Eco-environmental protection, with fish way and ship lock functions

The gate body can be designed into ancient ship gates such as Tianfei gate and wooden gate, or with auspicious clouds and other shapes. The door leaf can also be designed into a variety of themes or forms, combined with the ecology and culture of embossed side walls, fish scale stone ponds, etc. The slope protection design element with full heritage can be integrated with the wetland or river course, and it is naturally hydrophilic.


The naturally falling sluice body, while blocking the incoming water to form an open water surface, can ensure the ecological water demand of the downstream rivers, form the falling water aerated water flow, increase the dissolved oxygen of the water body, and improve the downstream water quality.


The width of the gate body can be set freely according to the requirements, and it can be opened and closed independently. During the fish migration season, the side door leaves can be laid down, close to the riverbed, and the connectivity of the river can be restored, forming a free passage for fish and other aquatic animals and plants, without affecting the survival and reproduction of the original organisms, and maintaining the original river ecological environment to the greatest extent.


There is no need to design a middle pier, and the opening and closing is flexible and fast, which can realize the original water surface state of the river course. It has natural advantages for dredging the river course, restoring the original water system corridor, and realizing the passage of cruise ships.

Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam 

Ecological engineering drawings of hydraulic elevator dam

Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam

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