The Technical Characteristics of Hydraulic Elevator Dam (Ⅰ)

Apr. 17, 2024

The fast-lifting gate, solid and reliable structure, and strong flood carrying capacity.

The length of the gate body is not limited. The lifting of a single gate surface can be completed within 0.5 to 3 minutes, and the lifting fully meets the requirements of emergency gate reduction during the flood period, and the operation is extremely simple and convenient. Infinite width type assembly, no need to set gate piers between the door leaves, suitable for rivers of various widths. It can be used for sandy, rocky, and floating objects, and it can be used for mountainous areas and urban rivers with rapid flood fluctuations without power supply.


The gate surface is a wing-shaped structure. The stably supported drive mechanism carries the gate surface and the weight of the water. The steel structure door leaf can resist the impact of sand, stone, and large floating objects.

 Hydraulic Elevator Dam

The sand and drift removal effect is good, and it can be raised and lowered to any height.

The door leaf is an integrated design of steel structure and standard production. After falling, it closely adheres to the base plate of the gate, so that the flood can be discharged smoothly. The single leaf gate surface is adjusted in a small range, and the floating objects can pass smoothly, without the need to lower the gate to achieve the drift removal by consuming water; the sand discharge only needs to operate the single gate body repeatedly to lift, and the silt and sand in the gate base can be completely washed away.


It can realize the functions of adjusting the water blocking at any height of the sluice fan, synchronous lifting, and precise control, and automatically lowering the gate when the water level exceeds the warning level.

Hydraulic Elevator DamHydraulic Elevator Dam

The sand removal actual engineering drawing in Dunhua


The landscape effect is good, and it can realize the gate lowering without the power and safe flooding without electricity.

As a low-head water retaining structure, the landscape effect is excellent. Concealed support, low center of gravity, neat and clean gate surface, can be sprayed with different colors, patterns, and slogans; the gate top can also be customized with various landscaping effects of spoiler and water drop devices, forming an excellent water-carrying effect.


The night lights complement each other with the floor lights on the base plate of the gate, and the music fountain matches the waterfall to form a magnificent landscape.


In the case of no electricity and no power source, the gate can be manually lowered beyond the water level. Through the manual system, the gates can be lowered individually or with multiple gates at the same time, and the gate lowering speed can be controlled freely, ensuring its high reliability and safety.

Hydraulic Elevator Dam

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