BIC Participate the 2024 Staff Table Tennis Competition by IWHR

May. 06, 2024

To enrich the cultural and sports life of BIC's staff and further promote the development of staff fitness activities, in accordance with the annual work plan of the labor union of IWHR, the 2024 staff table tennis competition was held in Haidian Experimental Middle School from April 26th to 27th. This competition attracted many staff members to actively sign up and participate, jointly created a wonderful sports feast. You Jianqing, the chairman of the labor union of IWHR, attended the competition and awarded awarded prizes to the winning athletes.


The competition is divided into three groups: men's singles, women's singles, and team competition. The rules of the competition are rigorous and fair, and the best-of-three-game elimination system and the round-robin points system are adopted to ensure that every player has a fair chance to showcase their skills. In the intense competition, the players served accurately, both attacking and defending, showing superb technique and tacit cooperation. The audience responded with thunderous applause, one applause after another.


The staff of BIC showed high enthusiasm for this competition, especially in the team competition, BIC team cooperated with tacit understanding, after fierce competition, successfully broke through, achieved the sixth place of the team, won the honor for the company. In the singles competition, the players fought hard and showed their strong individual strength. These achievements not only underscore the high-level competitive capabilities of our company's employees, but also embody their spirit of unity, cooperation, and aspirations to scale new heights.

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The successful holding of the table tennis competition not only enriched the cultural and sports life of the staff, but also promoted the communication among them. During the competition, the staff learned from each other, encouraged each other, and strengthened the bond of friendship and trust. Additionally, the competition sparked the enthusiasm of the staff to engage in sports activities, enhancing their physical fitness and mental well-being.


Looking ahead, BIC will further promote the popularization and development of fitness activities, providing more opportunities for staff to show their talents and exercise, and ensuring the physical and mental health of staff.

BIC Participate the 2024 Staff Table Tennis Competition by IWHR

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