President of Altay Design Institute visited BIC

Apr. 21, 2023

On March 21, President and Vice President of Altay Regional Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute visited Beijing IWHR Corporation (BIC). An offline communication meeting was held in the conference room of BIC. The participants of Altay Design Institute include Pres. Li and Vice Pres. Zhao, and the participants of BIC include Pres. Ge, Director Wang, Manager Wang, Engineer Geng, and marketing staff Ms. Gou. The purpose of this visit is to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, it also lays a foundation for BIC to further develop Xinjiang market in the future.

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The whole meeting revolves around the hydraulic elevator dam, Ms Geng focused on the technical parameters comparison between hydraulic elevator dam of BIC and hydraulic lifting dam manufacturers in terms of engineering experience, safety, technical parameter and economy, landscape, and intellectualization. President Li mentioned all projects designed by Altay Design Institute were pneumatic shield gates and hydraulic lifting dams in the past. After learning HED, President Li firstly highly approve of low-water-head dams of small angle support and hydraulic drive, he admitted HED has the incomparable advantages than pneumatic shield gates and hydraulic lifting dams, for instance, water blocking at any angle/height, controlling with single-fan and multi-fan, arbitrarily adjust the speed of the lifting gate, anti-freezing, drifting and sand discharging, and so on. Meanwhile, he expressed a concern about price offering for both the owners and the design institute. In a fierce market competition, price is always the focus of attention, how to control and reduce the product cost is the most worthwhile problem to solve for BIC.   

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