Online Business Fair Between BIC And SSRI

Dec. 24, 2021

BIC and SSRI participated in the rubber dam biding project of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) under the Ministry of Water Resources of Bangladesh in 2020. Both parties participated in the biding in the form of consortium and received the tender documents in August 2021. In this project, we are responsible for the relevant products and technical guidance, while SSRI is mainly responsible for civil engineering.

On December 20, 2021, we held the first online business negotiation with SSRI Company. Both parties drafted an internal agreement on the cooperation details within the consortium. This meeting mainly discussed the details of the internal agreement such as the implementation time and the scope of responsibility of the specific project. The main participants of BIC include Mr. Wang (Managing Director) and Ms. Dou (Director of international department). The main participants of Bangladesh SSRI company include Mr. rakibulalam (Chairman), Mr. Sharif Mohammad Afzal Hossain (General Manager), Mr. motahar Hossain (Consultant), Mr. Abdussobhan (Chief Engineer), and Mr. shafiulAzam (Mediator).

The meeting started with the heartiest greeting to each other and self-introduction. This meeting mainly discussed the time of visiting the project site Bangladesh, the details of specific terms of the drafted internal agreement, further confirmed the work plan matrix, put forward the technical design problems of the rubber dam, and finally confirmed the time of the next online meeting.

This is the first online communication meeting between BIC and SSRI, both sides attach great importance to this conference. Under the chairmanship of Mr. shafiul Azam, the meeting was carried out with great satisfaction and success. Generally speaking, it was a very effective conversation. The two sides sincerely and effectively exchanges and answers to the questions existing in the drafting of the agreement and the implementation of the project. BIC is also looking forward to the conduct of the next online meeting.

Online Business Fair Between Bic And Ssri

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