Annual Youth Academic Exchange Conference

Dec. 03, 2021

Beijing IWHR Corporation 2021 Annual Youth Academic Exchange Conference was successfully hold on November 30, 2021. Company leaders, department heads and key scientific and technological youth attended the conference.

In this conference, 21 papers were collected and 19 speakers were arranged. The presentation topics cover many areas, such as “ Study on Transmission Characteristics of Pressure Pulsation in Bladeless Zone of Pump Turbine”, “ Design and Analysis of Different Lifting Structure on Hydraulic Elevator Dam”, “Epoxy-based Grouting Materials with Super-low Viscosities and Improved Toughness”, “ Apparent Settling Velocities of Waterborne Pollutants in Source Water Reservoirs of Beijing”, “Evaluation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity of Major Industries in Northwest of China: A Case Study of textile Industry in Aksu, Xinjiang Province, China” etc.. The conference adopted PPT speech to fully display the latest achievements of youth. After expert evaluation, the meeting selected two First Prize, four Second Prize and six Third Prize. By praising outstanding personnel, we guide and encourage young people of BIC to work hard, innovate and grow up faster.

Annual Youth Academic Exchange Conference

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