2021 Annual Summary Meeting

Jan. 21, 2022

Bid farewell to 2022 and usher in 2021, Branch Company held the 2021 annual summary meeting and 2022 annual planning meeting in January 20, 2021, the specific leader of group company, branch managers, chief engineers, and all employers attended and participated in the meeting.

Firstly, the general manager made the 2021 annual summary on behalf of the Branch Company and arrange the 2022 annual planning, as well as listened to the work reports of deputy managers and department directors. Then, two chief engineer consultants made speeches, it is pointed out that the R&D needs to start from the aspects of water conservancy digital twin systems, temporary cofferdam, and high dam artificial gate. Besides, they put forward the importance of strengthening the improvement of employees’ technical and theoretical text ability, and the importance of maintaining R&D innovation in the high-end market of hydraulic elevator dam. In the third item of the meeting, the specific leader Li affirmed achievements achieved by Branch Company in 2021 and pointed out that in the process of project operation, attention need to be paid to production and construction safety, project cash flow maintain, financial risk and so on. Finally, the outstanding employees, good people and good deeds of Branch Company in 2021 were praised and presented on site.

Annual Summary Meeting

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