Integration and application of data sensing platform based on low-head sluice

May. 30, 2022

Integration and application of data sensing platform based on low-head sluice

Integration and application of data sensing platform based on low-head sluice

With the newly-built or built low head sluice gate in China as the carrier, internal and external information perception and collection are carried out for the gate and its river channel and watershed, which not only ensures the safety monitoring and evaluation of the gate, accurate dispatching control, but also provides accurate river channel and watershed information assurance for the Ministry of water resources, watershed management agencies, local water conservancy departments, engineering management units, river lake managers and other units, and effectively supports the three-level data base of river water conservancy projects.


It mainly includes internal information perception and external information perception. 

The internal perception data

The internal perception data is mainly for the relevant data of the operation, maintenance and management of the low head sluice, mainly for the collection of the relevant control data of the sluice body, hydraulic system, oil cylinder, electrical control system, etc., set the threshold value, carry out health diagnosis on the safety status of the low head sluice, and provide the safe operation forecast, early warning, scene rehearsal and plan selection of the gate. 

External information perception

External information perception is mainly through the organic combination of temperature sensor, rain gauge, water level gauge, ultrasonic flowmeter, water quality sampler, camera equipment and other collection equipment with low head sluice project to collect on-site temperature information, rainfall information, water quality information, water level information, analog flow information, video information, GPS positioning information and other external real-time perception data information.


At present, the construction technology of low head sluice gate is relatively mature, and the construction capacity of this type of gate is huge. According to the statistics of China Water Conservancy Yearbook in 2020, the number of small sluice gates totaled more than 828000 from 2010 to 2019, about 9W each year from 2015 to 2019, and it is expected that the number of small sluice gates in 2022 and the next few years will not be less than 9W each year. On the premise of the above huge market capacity, it has broad development prospects to realize the integrated and integrated acquisition platform for various internal and external information and data perception based on the low head sluice gate, and intelligent control application.

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