Hydraulic Knowledge Training Meeting

Nov. 26, 2021

On the morning of November 26, director Shao conducted relevant training on the knowledge of hydraulic support system. In the first part, director Shao gave a brief overview of hydraulic transmission, as well as the composition, advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic cylinder. The second part introduces the appearance and representative symbols of hydraulic components (including hydraulic value and hydraulic accessories). The installation forms and functions of hydraulic components including motor, pump, hydraulic valve, overflow valve, electromagnetic directional valve and one-way valve are described and introduced in detail. In the third part, in order to let us better understand the working principle of the hydraulic station, director Shao explained the transmission route schematic diagram of the hydraulic station in detail, and answered the meaning, functions and parameters of each component in the schematic diagram. In addition, the working principle of dam lowering without electricity and power and deicing device are supplemented. The fourth part introduces the schools of hydraulic components used in China. Finally, the problems needing attention in the design are mentioned.


After this training on hydraulic knowledge, everyone has a deeper understanding of the working principle of the whole hydraulic system and hydraulic station, and has benefited a lot.



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