The Webinar on Hydraulic Elevator Dam(HED)& Simplified Elevated Dam(SED)

Feb. 09, 2021

The Webinar on Hydraulic Elevator Dam(HED)

On February 7th, an important online technical communication seminar was successfully held between our company and Barind Multipurpose Development Authority, regarding on hydraulic elevator dam and the simplified Elevated dam technology. The chairman, executive director and more than 50 engineers of BMDA online attended the seminar.

Managing Director Wang Zhan delivered a speech and introduced Beijing IWHR Corporation, Li Kaixuan and Sun Jiongyu separately made presentations for the hydraulic elevator dam& simplified Elevated dam technology. At the meeting, BMDA discussed with our engineers about the technical advantages of the hydraulic elevator dam and the simplified elevated dam, compared with the conventional dam, in aspect of construction, operation, maintenance cost and other specific technical issues.


Barind is located in northwest Bangladesh, relied on groundwater resources for irrigation, said the chairman of BMDA, and they plan to increase the utilization rate of surface water from 4 percent to 30 percent in following five to six years. Hence, considered the hydraulic elevator dam and the simplified elevated dam are very suitable for the use of surface water for irrigation in this area ,it is hoped that BMDA and BIC can proceed with substantive cooperation as soon as possible ,to accelerate the construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable surface water irrigation infrastructure.

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