A Combination Of The Hydraulic Elevator Dam And Music Fountain

Jan. 08, 2021

Recently, our company has made great progress in the development of music fountain matching hydraulic elevator dam. It could be installed with the gate body. The fountains and lights are controlled by signals of playing music. It is not only an audio-visual feast, but also a strong entertainment. The combination of hydraulic elevator dam, fountain and light makes full use of the natural conditions, saves the cost, beautifies the urban river course, improves the landscape effect, and improves the construction of 

urban water ecological scenic spot.

In the future, we will gradually apply it to specific engineering projects according to customers' requirements. The landscape design of hydraulic elevator dam would not only have flood control, drainage and irrigation and other basic functions, but also have more life aesthetic functions, to achieve the integration of humanity and nature.

A combination of the hydraulic elevator dam and music fountain

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