Pakistan Online Cooperation Exchange Meeting Was Successfully Held by BIC

Jan. 13, 2023

On January 12, 2023, the marketing promotion and cooperation exchange meeting was successfully held by BIC. This is the first online meeting with AZKIS Corporation of Pakistan, and we really wish to open the Pakistan market. Therefore, we are very excited to carry out this meeting. The main participates of BIC include Mr. Wang (Managing Director), Ms. Dou (Director of international department), Ms. Geng (director of design department), and Ms. Gou (business specialist of international department). The main participates of AZKIS Cosmopolitan include Mr. Irfan Mirza (CEO) and Mr. Nouman Afzal (senior coordinator).  

cooperation exchange meeting

The meeting started with the introduction of participates of two parties. Then the managing director Mr. Wang delivered an excited speech to everyone. Mr. Wang expressed a willingness to cooperate together and established a long-term relationship on mutual benefits with AZKIS Company. In addition, he also mentioned as a state-owned high-tech company, BIC are equipped with specific scientific research and engineering technology advantage relying on the scientific prowess and professional technology of IWHR. Meanwhile, BIC is top level professional and experienced in the field of Rubber dam and Hydraulic elevator dam. 

Later, Ms.Geng and Ms. Gou gave a technical presentation on Hydraulic elevator dam and Rubber dam respectively to AZKIS Corporation in terms of technical characteristics, project cases, BIC advantages and so on. The senior coordinator of AZKIS expressed their gratitude to the comprehensive presentation in rubber dam and hydraulic elevator dam, and they benefited a lot. Finally, Ms. Dou, director of international department, answered questions mentioned by AZKIS Corporation and discussed the way of cooperation between the two sides.

cooperation exchange meeting

In general, this is an effective communication between BIC and AZKIS. Meanwhile, concerning about the complexity of HED and RD in technology, system, operation, installation and so on, the next technical exchange meeting will be held in the next stage.

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