IWHR 14th Five-Year "Five Talents" Program

Sep. 03, 2021

Recently, IWHR organized expert review meeting for the 14th Five-Year ‘Five Talents’ plan. The evaluation committee consists of more than 40 members, including IWHR leaders, academicians, heads of departments (centers), leaders of subsidiary high-tech enterprises and functional departments, and related experts. A total of 141 people and 19 teams from 17 units (departments) of IWHR applied for the evaluation, and 69 talents and 10 innovation teams were selected.

The President KuangShangfu held the expert review meeting. He mentioned that the first ‘Five Talents’ program was held in 2016, which was the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the year of the National Science and Technology Innovation Conference. After five years of practical exploration and continuous support, a large number of outstanding and innovative talents have come to the forefront and achieved remarkable results. The original intention of the ‘Five Talents’ program has been recognized. The brand of the ‘Five Talents’ program has been formed. This year is the first year of 14th Five-Year, in order to further implement the strategy of priority to the development of talent, our institute will continue to deepen the implementation of the ‘Five Talents’ program, give full play to the demonstration leading effect of ‘Five Talents’ to stimulate creativity of all kinds of talents in our institute, and further promote the further development of talents work.

Beijing IWHR Corporation applied for the evaluation and two persons were selected as Product Development Talent and International Compound Talent. This is the big encouragement, but also higher requirements for us. In the future international collaboration on rubber dam, hydraulic elevator dam, simplified elevated dam, and other water conservancy and water treatment engineering projects, we will play to our technological advantages and innovative creativity to lead international water conservancy project cooperation.

IWHR 14th Five-Year‘Five Talents' Program

IWHR 14th Five-Year‘Five Talents' Program

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