BIC Won The Bid For Bangladesh BWDB Rubber Dam Construction And Installation Project

Sep. 10, 2021

Recently, we received the tender notice about the Bangladesh rubber dam construction and installation project. This project is by far the largest rubber dam project in Bangladesh.

The work consists of Construction of 353m long Rubber Dam across Mahananda River in Sadar Upzila of Chapainawabganj District, which is in connection with "Dredging of Mohananda River and Rubber dam" project and approximate 500m downward to the Mahananda Bridge. It also includes De-watering, supply fitting fixing rubber bag, pump house construction& in the related electrical and mechanical part.

BIC has built rubber dams overseas since 1994, engaged in manufacture, feasibility study, design, construction and installation. Both water-filled and air filled BIC's Rubber Dam can be constructed for water heads of 50 cm to more than 6 meters. BIC has a lot of experience in the rubber dam construction abroad and has completed many successful projects.

Some projects are as follows:

Sonai Rubber Dam (L=45m, H=4m)

Bakkhali Rubber Dam (L=84m, H=3.5m, Two Side Water Retaining)

Kaoraid Rubber Dam (L=25m, H=3m)

Idgaon Rubber Dam (L=52m, H=3m)

Sonai Nadi Rubber Dam(L=54m, H=3.5m)

Rubber Dam In Bangladesh

Rubber Dam In Bangladesh

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