BIC Won the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Society of Dam Engineering in 2023

May. 20, 2024

In early 2024, the China National Committee on Large Dams announced the list of Science and Technology Progress Awards of the China Society in 2023. The "Key Technology and Application of Integral Hydraulic Elevator Dam" led by BIC won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Dam Engineering Society in 2023. The award was led by BIC and jointly declared by BIDR, Longkou Municipal Water Bureau and Dunhua Municipal Water Bureau. The research results are:


1. Based on the principle of hydraulic three-hinge point luffing structure, a new structure of integrated three-hinge point Hydraulic Elevator Dam is creatively proposed to overcome the problem of insufficient structural stability.

2. Developed a special hydraulic system for de-icing, which solved the problem of difficulty in storing water during the freezing period without de-icing measures.

3. Developed a modularization dedicated hydraulic valve circuit, achieving stepless and powerless gate lowering technology, effectively responding to emergency flood safety.

4. The refined and serialized gate body and its water-raising and turbulence-reducing device shape the dam-type, create water scenery, reduce the vibration to protect the hydraulic cylinder, and prevent ice coverage, creating a dam landscape.

5. The design concept of integrating lighting and fountains has enhanced the overall aesthetics of the project and added cultural and entertainment functions.

6. Developed intelligent software systems, achieved intelligent management, and integrated digital twin platforms.

Hydraulic Elevator DamHydraulic Elevator Dam 

Hydraulic Elevator Dam Graphic Model


The Key Technology and Application of Integral Hydraulic Elevator Dam have now been industrialized, resulting in a series of complete technical equipment systems suitable for different working conditions, geological conditions, regional and economic conditions. While fulfilling the functions of traditional dam, they also meet the diversified needs of modern water conservancy construction and management, such as intelligent water affairs, water ecological civilization, sponge cities, and the construction of happy rivers and lakes.


The predecessor of the CNINCOLD is the China Dam Committee, which was established in 1974. It serves as the national member of the International Commission on Large Dams, a nominating unit for the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Technological Invention Award. It is the highest-level national organization in China's dam engineering field and an international platform for technical exchange and cooperation in dam engineering. The Science and Technology Progress Award and the Technological Invention Award established by the CNINCOLD emphasize academic and professional rigor. These award-winning achievements have been widely recognized by domestic peers and the international community, garnering significant influence both domestically and internationally.

Hydraulic Elevator Dam

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