BIC won the bid for the Tengzhou Landscape Hydraulic Elevator Dam EPC project

Aug. 17, 2023

This project is the general contracting of the Hydraulic Elevator dam project of Fenghe Ecological Greenway Landscape Project in Tengzhou City. A total of two hydraulic structures will be built in the river reach of the project area, with the length of about 36m and 32m, and the water storage height of 1 5-1.8m. The two proposed hydraulic elevator dams will all adopt hydraulic steel direct push type hydraulic elevator dam, and the two gates are planned to be controlled by hydraulic stations and electrical control cabinets to achieve dynamic water opening and closing. In the absence of electricity and any power source, it is possible to achieve manual and direct dam lowering without power.


Among them, the total net width of the 6 #HED chamber is 30m, and a total of 4 gates are arranged 7.5×1.5m (width × High) hydraulic elevator dam. The main body of the project consists of four parts: the bedding section, the gate chamber section, the stilling pool section, and the apron section. The total length of the main section of the water gate is 40m. The total net width of the 7 #HED chamber is 36m, with a total of 4 gates arranged 9×1.2m (width × High) hydraulic elevator dam. The main body of the project consists of six parts: upstream connection section, blanket section, gate chamber section, stilling pool section, downstream outlet section, and apron section. The total length of the main section of the water gate is 46 meters.


hydraulic elevator dam 

After the implementation of the Fenghe River Hydraulic elevator dam Project in Tengzhou City, the ecological bank slope will be built to promote the ecological restoration and management of the river ecosystem, promote the improvement of the ecological environment of the basin, and ultimately achieve the "win-win" of ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.


Ecological benefits: 

With the implementation of the plan, the ecological restoration of riverbank slope will improve the shrub grass coverage and Forest cover, not only enhancing the water conservation capacity, but also promoting biodiversity and ecosystem stability.


Economic benefits: 

Implement the construction of the Fenghe River hydraulic elevator dam, improve the environmental quality of the Fenghe River in the project area, Creating a "smooth river, clear water, green banks, and beautiful scenery" "The beautiful River has brought great help to the economic development of the surrounding areas, and has also brought some value-added benefits to the surrounding land. In addition, the design of the hydraulic elevator dam fully considers the requirements of urban construction, landscape, leisure, etc. The creation of water landscape and the improvement of water environment quality in the coastal areas will promote the construction of a modern and civilized city of Tengzhou, which is conducive to the investment attraction of Tengzhou City, increasing the opportunities for investment attraction, and providing huge opportunities for foreign economic cooperation and development Great vitality.


Social benefits: 

The implementation of the hydraulic elevator dam project of the Fenghe Ecological Greenway Landscape Project will further showcase the style of clear water and green banks. The living, learning, and living environment of residents and students along the coast will be more comfortable, bringing great happiness to the general public, and the relationship between humans and nature will be more harmonious.

hydraulic elevator dam

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