BIC and BADC Carry Out Water Conservancy Technology Exchange Meeting

Jun. 14, 2024

In the afternoon of May 30th, Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) delegation group led by the chief engineer visited BIC, and two sides held water conservancy technology exchange meeting in the South Campus of IWHR, discussing and exchanging views on technical exchange and cooperation of Rubber DamHydraulic Elevator Dam, and Simplified Elevated Dam.

Hydraulic elevator dam 

First of all, Mr. Yao, the Chairman of BIC, expressed his warm welcome to BADC delegation group, then briefly introduced the development history of IWHR and BIC, reviewed the cooperation process between BIC and BADC in the field of water conservancy, and finally invited BADC to visit project site of HED and SED, and expected two sides will sign the MOU in the near future to continuously promote the cooperation in the technology of RD, HED and SED, and to further expand the mutual learning in the fields of flood control and disaster reduction, integrated water resources management and other areas of mutual interest, so as to seek the well-being of the people of two countries and contribute to the sustainable development.


Chief engineer Mr. Alarm expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of BIC, and hoped that BIC and BADC have more technical cooperation and exchange opportunities on HED, RD, and SED in the future.


In the second half of the meeting, Mr. Wang, managing director of BIC, made a technical presentation on Hydraulic Elevator Dam. Then, two sides conducted exchanges and technical questions. In addition, Ms. Dou, the deputy managing director introduced the after-sale service of Hydraulic elevator dam. 


Hydraulic elevator dam

Finally, this meeting end in a satisfactory way. Two sides exchange gifts to each other and take a group photo to mark the occasion!


Hydraulic elevator dam

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