Portable Containerized Sewage Treatment system

The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is one of the latest innovations developed by the Beijing IWHR Corporation(BIC). This product is divided into two series for sewage treatment and the water purification purpose. The plant sizevaries to accommodate differences in water processing volume and container size.



Appearance on container model, changing form a variety of color coating, with attractive well-formed.



Containerized water purification plant

It is mainly used for industrial, mining, and domestic drinking purpose when raw water is sourced from rivers, lakes, ponds and surface water.


Containerized water treatment plant

It is suitable for all kinds of sewage and industrial wastewater in offices, markets, hotel, schools, factories, and municipalities ect.











Easy transportation/Easy installation/Simple and flexible operation/Less investment and low operation cost/Convenient maintenance/Simple control system


Type of power supply

Electricity power supply

Generator power supply

Solar power











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