Containerized Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is a standard container product which developed by Beijing IWHR Corporation (BIC). it designed to treated small quantity of water. One is the wastewater treatment for reused:containerized waste water treatment plant.

containerized water treatment plant


Application of Containerized Waste Water Treatment Plant
(1) Municipal sewage standardized discharge;
(2) Construction of middle-water for recycling:
Irrigation, toilet flushing, car washing, supplementation of   landscape water body, etc. ;
(3) Industrial wastewater standardized discharge or for reuse treatment;
textile printing and dyeing wastewater, paper making wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, chemical industry wastewater, freshwater aquaculture wastewater, etc.

containerized water treatment plant containerized water treatment plant

Attention Please

A different craft module with different container structure is applied for the different raw-water quality.

The owner must first provide the representative raw-water quality report to the BIC to design the Containerized Water Treatment Plant according to the given raw-water quality. 

Improvement of Treated-Water Quality of Containerized Waste-Water Treatment Plant

color removal;
odor removal;
PH adjusting;
SS removal & oil removal;
BOD and COD concentration of degradation;
reduce the concentration of NH4-N & KN;
sterilization & disinfection;


Easy transportation/Easy installation/Simple and flexible operation/Less investment and low operation cost/Convenient maintenance/Simple control system



Type of power supply

Electricity power supply

Generator power supply

Solar power


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