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Containerized Mobile Water Treatment
Description of containerized mobile water treatment plant/ system
Containerized water treatment plant/ systems are compact treatment systems which include all necessary equipments installed in a container Container size can be 20 ft or 40 ft according to the size of treatment unit. And all piping and electricity cables are also installed in the container ready to be operated. Just the connections of electricity and raw water and product water pipings are made just before starting the treatment unit.
The Scope Of Containerized water treatment plant/ systems
The containerized system makes potable water production easy to handle, affordable and accessible anywhere on the globe. And it means no need for expensive buildings or time consuming civil works, advanced calculations, projection or extensive installation time and costs.
Treatment Process Units of Containerized water treatment plant/ systems
This concept includes some treatment processes which depends on raw water quality and required product water quality. The main process equipments; chlorine dosage, coagulation dosage, multimedia filtration, activated carbon filtration, iron and manganese filtration, softener, antiscalant dosage, reverse osmosis demineralization, re-hardening / ionization unit and ultraviolet disinfection unit, etc.
Optional Units of Containerized water treatment plant/ systems
This concept also can include some extra units which depends on customer request like generator, inlet pumps, outlet pumps etc. With these units, it is available to provide raw water from river or lake and main energy by itself.

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