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Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant

Far more precious than gold or silver, a little more crucial than petrol and as vital as oxygen, yes, we're talking about water. We know that 75% of the world's fresh water resources are contaminated, the remaining is fast disappearing. Soon how well we survive will depend on how well we conserve water. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to offer us choices in water conservation.

One of the most reliable way to do today is by recycling water. We at Canadian Clear "Silver Stream" present you a reliable method to recycle water through our superior, pre-fabricated packaged waste water treatment plants. These plants have the capacity to completely treat and cleanse waste water and make it suitable for various activities like Landscaping, Floor Washing, Gardening, A/C Cooling Tower and Toilet Flushing applications. They truly lend a helpful hand in reducing the load on natural water resources.

Canadian Clear's newly developed technology has resulted in machines with better efficiency, less power consumption and is more compact in terms of size and weight.

Anoxic Tank and Oxic Tank:

The Anoxic Tank receives flow from the equalization tank, either by gravity or by pumping. Anoxic tank consists of an Agitator / Mixer for constant churning of the mixed effluent. At the same time, bacteria nitrifies the ammonia to nitrogen contained in the wastewater.

The oxic unit consists of an oxic tank, membrane unit, and filtered water pump. The wastewater is pre-screened with the inlet screen and is fed to the anoxic tank. The retention time in the oxic tank is approximately 4 to 6 hours. BOD is removed by aerobic micro-organisms, which is maintained by high concentration of MLSS.

After these biological treatments are completed, solids-liquid separation is performed through the membrane unit installed within the oxic tank. The filtrate is discharged as treated water with the filtered water pump. The filtered water pump is automatically operated according to the water level within the oxic tank.

The membrane unit consists of a membrane module for filtering and the air diffusing unit that feeds air for washing the surface of the membrane module. The air fed from the air diffusing device cleans the surface of the membrane and at the same time provides oxygen required for biological treatment. The sludge generated within the reaction tank is discharged manually with the excess sludge valve discharge to the sludge storage tank.

Advantages of using Canadian Clear 'Silver Stream' MBR

1) The wastewater transportation cost from the facilities to municipality's sewage treatment plant can be reduced.

2) Since wastewater is treated by 0.2 pm membrane, treated water may be used for toilet flushing, irrigation, car washing, curing water for concrete works and so on. Fresh water feed for these purposes can be saved. Since treatment plants can also be transported loaded on a trailer, they can be used for other locations and construction sites.

3) In residential areas where sewer pipes are not connected, domestic wastewater generated must be vacuumed on to tanker trucks to a public sewage treatment plant for further treatment. Treatment of wastewater by the MBR reduces the amount of wastewater (sludge) to be brought out to approximately one fourth (1 /4) thus reducing cost

Canadian Clear "Silver Stream" MBR uses less electricity consumption, in comparison with activated sludge process systems, thereby reducing the power cost.

Air blower

Air blower is required for the operation of the oxic tank unit Air blower continuously feeds air to the air diffusing device of the membrane unit to supply oxygen required for cleaning the surface of the membrane and also for biological treatment.

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