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Seawater Desalination RO Skid Equipment

1.Design basis:

Average salinity ≤35000ppm. The feed water should comply with the design basis to ensure the output quality.

Output quality: Conform to the international drinking water standard (TDS≤600ppm)

2. Equipment details

Output quantity: 50L/H--10000L/H

power supply: 460/ 380V/ 220v , 50HZ/ 60hz

3. Main components:

3.1. Pretreatment Equipments(Pump+PAC Dosing+Multi-Media Filter+Active Carbon Filter+Back Flushing+Antiscalant)

3.2. RO Skid(Cartridge Filter+HP Pump+RO Membrane+RO Vessels+Energy Recovery system+Chasis+Pipes and Valves)

3.3. Flushing&Cleaning System

3.4. Automatic Control System

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