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20 inch Containerized RO Water Treatment Plant 2000LPH

Specifications of 20 inch Containerized RO water treatment plant 2000LPH

1,Applied high qualities material.
2,Perfect and compact apperance and convenient maintenance.
3.High pressure protection

1,Brief description
Containerized RO water treatment plant 2000LPH----high degree of automation, real time water quality monitor. The control panel displays the system operation status directly by flow diagram, LED indicator light. low level of raw water protection, low pressure protection, high pressure protection, high pressure protection, automatic start when permeate is at low level, automatic stop when permeate is at high level, automatic flush before system starts or stops, timing flush, malfunction alarm, they system can be controlled automatically or manually.

A,This system applied high qualities material.
B,Perfect and compact apperance,easy installation and convenient maintenance.
C.High pressure protection.
D,Completely Ro process(include pre-treatment, RO,post-treatment,cleaning system)

3. Design basis
1,The raw water is well water.underground water,tap water (TDS less than 2000ppm)
Permeate output::2000LPH (25°C)
Sea water input temperature:4°C~45°C
2,Permeate output quality:TDS≤600-700 ppm, WHO direct drinking standard.
3,Power supply: 380V/220V,50/60Hz

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