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  • How to deal with concentration polarization of reverse osmosis membrane

    Reverse osmosis system is an indispensable part of small and medium-sized automatic ultra pure water treatment equipment, but there is also a hidden danger in the reverse osmosis system, that is, the surface of reverse osmosis membrane is easy to form concentration polarization by solute or other...
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  • Eyes on water supply projects for safety in China rural region

    Recently, water has become an important topic of the people, how to maintain a healthy life, away from the disease, drinking water is a daily, if often lead to contamination of drinking water to produce disease, then we can not guarantee people’s safety of drinking water, especially in rura...
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  • Reverse osmosis water pretreatment structure

    We are drinking tap water contains a lot of minerals and bacteria, virus through high temperature can drink pure water now is a filtration device to the “production” out, then what equipment? Create pure water reverse osmosis system equipment Reverse osmosis system is mainly through t...
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