The Positive Effects of the Construction of Sluices and Dams

Feb. 22, 2024

The sustainable development of social economy requires water conservancy construction to provide guarantees for flood control and disaster reduction, water supply, water environment and ecological protection. In the construction of the traditional water conservancy projects, the construction of sluices and dams is one of the crucial means for humans to affect water, such as control gates, inlet gates, drainage gates, tide locks, ship locks, etc. The construction of traditional gates and dams has changed the ecological environment of construction site.

Construction of Sluices and Dams 

The positive effects mainly include the following:

Flood control and drainage

Through the construction of sluices and dams, the upstream water level is adjusted to control the discharge flow of waterlogging and flooding, which ensures the safety of downstream rivers. In addition, the discharge flow also can be adjusted according to the downstream water needs to improve the flood passage capability and protect the personal and property safety of upstream and downstream people.

Emergency water transfer and water supply

The water storage of sluices and dams can be used for urban water supply, solve the emergency water use, provide guarantee for the sustainable development of society, and bring good economic, social, and ecological benefits.


The construction of sluices and dams changes the ecological condition of the irrigation area, meets the amount of water needed by crops and creates conditions for stable and high yields of agriculture on both sides of the strait in a way of flow automatically by raising the water level and enlarging the area of irrigation district.

Power generation

Through the construction of sluices and dams, the drop of the natural water flow is concentrated to form a water head, the flow the natural water flow is collected and adjusted to transport to the hydraulic turbine. Through the combined operation of hydraulic turbine and generator, the concentrated water energy is converted into the electrical energy and finally the electrical energy is fed into the grid through the transformer, switching station, and electric transmission line.


Through the construction of the locks and dams, the water level in the channel is controlled, and the principle of the communicator is used to enable the ship to overcome the concentrated water level drop on the channel to form a ship lock. It can effectively expand the scope of navigation, extend the shipping time, ensure the stable navigable water level, and increase the tonnage of ships.

Improve the environment

The construction of sluices and dams can improve the ecological environment of river course, create a landscape, leisure, green, and healthy ecological river, upgrade the living environment, attract the visitors, and drive economic development.

Adjust the climate

The construction of the sluices and dams can adjust the local air humidity and temperature, as well as create good weather conditions.


The substitution effect of protecting the ecology

After the construction of sluices and dams, the appearance of new deep-water areas and underflow areas replaced the deep pools and shallows of the original river course. The oxygen-enriched water purification effect of the water flowing is conductive to the growth of fish and other aquatic organisms with strong vitality.


Construction of Sluices and Dams

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