Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD

Jul. 18, 2022

Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD by video and the closing ceremony of the 90th Annual Meeting

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From May 27 to June 3, the 27th International Commission on Large Dams(ICOLD) Congress and the 90th ICOLD Annual Meeting was held in Marseille, France. On the afternoon of June 3, Minister of Water Resources Li Guoying attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech by video.

Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD

Li Guoying pointed out that reservoir dam are an important basic support for water security, and play an important role in resisting floods and droughts, regulating, storing and utilizing water resources, restoring the water ecological environment, providing clean energy, and responding to climate change. China attaches great importance to the construction, operation and management of reservoir dam, coordinates their development and safety, adheres to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and continuously improves the construction and management of reservoir dam.

Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD

Li Guoying, Minister of Water Resources, delivered a speech by video.

To ensure the safety of the reservoir dam as the first requirement, throughout the whole life cycle of dam planning, design, construction, operation and management, firmly hold the bottom line of reservoir dam safety. Strengthen the unified planning and governance of watersheds, give full play to reservoirs. The comprehensive benefits of the dam in safeguarding flood control, water supply, irrigation, and power generation. Pay more attention to the protection and improvement of river ecology in the construction and operation of reservoir dam, maintain the healthy life of rivers, and realize the sustainable utilization of river and lake functions. Promote the construction of digital twin water conservancy project with functions of forecasting, early warning, rehearsal and plan functions, increase new structures , research and innovation of new materials, new processes, and new methods to improve the ability of reservoir dams to resist risks.

Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD

The first digital twin water conservancy project in the national water conservancy industry was launched.

China's water conservancy departments will always adhere to the new development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing, earnestly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's "water saving priority, space balance, systematic governance, and two-handed efforts" water control ideas, and make the reservoir larger. As an important component of building a flood control engineering system in the basin, an important node in the construction of the national water network, and an important support for the recovery of the ecological environment of rivers and lakes, the dam will further strengthen the scientific construction, efficient operation, intelligent management, and safety assurance of reservoir dam, and improve flood and drought disasters. The defense capability, the intensive and economical utilization of water resources, the optimal allocation of water resources, and the ecological protection and governance capabilities of rivers and lakes, realize the unification of the economic, social, ecological and safety benefits of reservoir dam. said Li Guoying.

Li Guoying proposed that the international community work together to strengthen multilateral and bilateral cooperation and exchanges in the field of reservoir dam, jointly promote the construction of green, intelligent and safe reservoir dam, and make new contributions to the realization of the water-related goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD

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The ICOLD is held every three years, which is the academic conference with the highest professional level, the most extensive participation scope and the greatest influence in the international dam industry. More than 1,300 representatives and experts from more than 70 countries and international organizations attended the conference.The 28th Congress and 93rd Annual Meeting of the ICOLD will be held in Chengdu, China in 2025.

Li Guoying attended the 27th Congress of the ICOLD

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