Iran Marketing Promotion and Cooperation Exchange Meeting

Sep. 30, 2021

On the afternoon of September 29th, the marketing promotion and cooperation exchange online meeting was successfully held with Iran MGCE Company. This is the first formal online conversation with MahabGhodss Consulting Engineering Company, we have all been waiting for a long time. This participants of this online meeting include, Ms.Dou, Ms.Zhang and Ms Gou from BIC and Mr.Saberi and Ms.Farzaneh from MGCE Company respectively.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Dou, the manager of international marketing department gave an introduction of company background, qualification, staff, organizational framework and business scope. Then gave detailed answers to Iran’s participation in bidding, overseas related project experience, the division of responsibilities, and the mutual minutes of understanding.

Later, Mr.Saberi also introduced the fields of activities in MGCE Company, especially the relevant experience, special advantages and corresponding responsibilities in a wide range of water conservancy engineering fields. Meanwhile, Mr.Saberi also mentioned the expansion and promotion of international marketing in MGCE Company. Currently, company has been developed partnership with many countries (Africa,Middle east, South east countries).

Under such a big environment that the 25-year “Comprehensive Cooperation Plan” that China and Iran just signed, MGCE Company has further demonstrated their strong willingness to cooperate with us, and we also hope to find a better opportunity for cooperation.

Iran Marketing Promotion and Cooperation Exchange Meeting

Iran Marketing Promotion and Cooperation Exchange Meeting

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