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Eyes on water supply projects for safety in China rural region

Recently, water has become an important topic of the people, how to maintain a healthy life, away from the disease, drinking water is a daily, if often lead to contamination of drinking water to produce disease, then we can not guarantee people’s safety of drinking water, especially in rural areas, rural water supply and drinking water safety became a national topic of concern to the government and people, recently, the Ministry of Water Resources requires good drinking water and safe drinking water in rural areas, including rural drinking water safety, rural domestic water, industrial water, and a number of rural drinking water safety projects, including water supply equipment requirements. Can effectively reduce construction costs and improve utilization of funds for safe drinking water in rural areas have persistent, catalytic, without authorization in violation of state regulations for safe drinking water in rural areas will increase the cost or price shall be punished, in addition, for good rural water safety awareness also has a number of provisions, and to ensure the safety of drinking water do bits.
Urban rural water weapon – containerized water equipment
“Towns, rural drinking water safety,” the State Ministry of Water Resources is responsible for project implementation. Chinese rural one
Drinking water quality in some areas the presence of serious non-compliance, to ensure that low endemic problem of water supply in rural areas there are 300 million
Multiplayer unsafe drinking water, threatening the lives and health of the rural population. Drinking water quality, mainly in the high fluoride,
High arsenic, brackish, pollution and other aspects of security risks.
Containerized water treatment Plant features:
1, the introduction of the “buried integration” concept, compact, small footprint.
2, relative to traditional technology, investment and construction costs and operation and maintenance costs are low.
3, the design parameter selection conservative, reliable, long-term stability to ensure water quality standards.
4, easy operation, high degree of automation.
5, water supply station design blend with the surrounding landscape.
This shows that containerized water supply equipment in many extent, solve the problem of rural drinking water, provides comprehensive water safety, but also solve the problem of land area, let out more land to farmers, and conducive to the rapid development of agriculture, more conducive to rural mountainous town water supply, our policy for rural safe water to provide a strong support and protection, I believe that the rural and urban water problems can be completely solved.

Post time: Mar-17-2020