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Reverse osmosis water pretreatment structure

We are drinking tap water contains a lot of minerals and bacteria, virus through high temperature can drink pure water now is a filtration device to the “production” out, then what equipment?

Create pure water reverse osmosis system equipment

Reverse osmosis system is mainly through the multilayer film filter will filter out impurities, whether good or bad material, all ruled out, leaving only water, this equipment is very fine, by the filtration equipment and pumps, membrane composition, these devices can be composed of impurity filter, how can clean tap water does it work? The first is through a high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis equipment to provide a strong impetus for the introduction of water and through the layers of the reverse osmosis membrane filtration of water, some of the dirt and impurities filtration, however, proved an important symbol of pure water is the conductivity, the higher the conductivity of low water purity. So how to improve the purity of pure water it? He has what structure?

High purity water reverse osmosis equipment and structures

Raw water pump

The quality of the water by the original pump suction devices and provides power

The original water tank

Inhalation of the original raw water tank from the pump through the original buffer tank to do, in order to prevent the supply is not on


Removal of microorganisms to remove impurities in the water to remove bacteria.

Activated carbon filters

Filtered water, or chlorine bleach

Limited space inside the container, however, container water treatment equipment but perfectly formed, this container will be placed to deal with the original wells or near water, you can save space and achieve unattended equipment would not have been weathered for a long time the compromised, fully protected water treatment equipment, which put the container in easy to manage, but also beautiful, you can map a variety of patterns on the container, in addition to also facilitate buried in the ground, both security and peace of mind.

Post time: Mar-17-2020