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Introduction of Containerized Water Treatment Plant

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Introduction of Containerized Water Treatment Plant

The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is a standard container product which

developed by Beijing IWHR Corporation (BIC). it designed to treated small quantity of


The Containerized Water Treatment Plant is separated to two different types of


(1) One is the wastewater treatment for reused:

(Containerized Waste-Water Treatment Plant);

(2) The other is the water purification for drinking;

(Containerized Water Purification Plant);


Application of Containerized Waste-Water Treatment Plant

(1) Municipal sewage standardized discharge;

(2) Construction of middle-water for recycling:

Irrigation, toilet flushing, car washing, supplementation of landscape water

body, etc. ;

(3) Industrial wastewater standardized discharge or for reuse treatment;

textile printing and dyeing wastewater, paper making wastewater,

pharmaceutical wastewater, chemical industry wastewater, freshwater aquaculture

wastewater, etc. ;


Application of Containerized Water Purification Plant

(1) Mobile Emergency Freshwater Supply;

(2) Surface water or groundwater purification for drinking;

(3) Special Water Quality Treatment;

arsenic water, fluorinated water, ferrum & manganese water, brackish water ,

etc. ;

(4) Industrial Pure Water Supply;

pharmaceutical deionized water, chemical industrial pure water, plating of pure

water, boiler demineralized water, etc. ;


Improvement of Treated-Water Quality of Containerized Waste-Water

Treatment Plant

1 color removal;

2 odor removal;

3 pH adjusting;

4 SS removal & oil removal;

5 BOD and COD concentration of degradation;

6 reduce the concentration of NH4-N & KN;

7 sterilization & disinfection;


Improvement of Treated-Water Quality of Containerized Water Purification Plant

1 free chlorine more than 0.3 mg/L;

2 salt removal rate reached at 99%;

3 electrical conductivity control in about 25 μs/cm;

4 consistent with the requirement of toxicology index;

5 meet the requirements of microbiology and hygiene index;

6 meet WTO drinking-water standard or industrial pure-water standard;



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