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Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Treatment System 1-100T/H

Detailed Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Treatment System 1-100T/H Description

1. well and high quality control 
2. advanced technology 
3. competitive price 
4. varity of design 
5. considerate after-sale service 

Series of Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Treatment System 1-100T/H 
1. Application Range
a) Boiler Feed Water.
b) Food & Beverage, Brewing Fresh Water Supply.
c) Electronic Industry.
d) Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
e) Pharmaceuticals high purity water supply.
f) High salinity water desalination.

2. Technique Parameter
1. Application Scope: TDS≤10000mg/L
2. Output Water Quality TDS≤200mg/L.
a) Meet the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
b) Can be individually designed according to customer demand.

3. Recovery Rate: 50%~75%
4. Adapted Seawater temperature: 5.0~35.0°C.
5. Freshwater Electricity Consumption/Ton: below 1.5kW?h/m3.
6. Advantages

a) Runs automatically and controlled by PLC

b) Protection system, plant turns off if it encounters a fault

c) Energy saving and low noise, no need to heat
d) Stable running, high desalination and recovery rate with no pollution
e) Compact structure and saves installation place
f) Easy to operate, wash RO membrane when turn on and off
g) Dependable performance and long life time
h) Highly efficient and low carbon emissions

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